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Give 100 points for the true temperament of Song Jia so you are considered as the goddess!


She has a lot of labels and a lot of roles because of her superb acting and good temper, and gets a lot of awards with the support of the majority of fans.

The outspoken woman

There are very few actresses who say seriously: "The only thing I care about is that if I am a skillful actress actor" when they are praised for the beautiful and good body. If these words are heard by the fans who search her various movements online every day, and her micro - Bo several times a day, they will say: "So I respect you, as the goddess!

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In the eyes of many fans, Song Jia is the goddess. But the "goddess" is more from her catwalk, street shooting, self-timer, and even "Flower Teacher" dress of "Grade I" in the variety show. Grand or simple, serious or casual,, and occasionally, she is a also literary young woman. Many people would like to fabricate Song Jia's love story, online a lot of people guess that she would be such a woman, who will love someone and is loved by someone? But for family, Song Jia has always been categorical: "I would not tell you!" She especially likes what the actor Judy Foster said: "possession of privacy is a wonderful thing.

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In addition to those nonsense scandals online, Song Jia really has not disclosed any privacy. Privacy is the means and toys for a lot of people who stumble across the entertainment industry, but for Song Jia, privacy is privacy. The 8-year-old girl has followed the yu-kin player Feng Shaoxian to learn Liuqin, she has been originally admitted to the Shenyang Conservatory of Music, with the accidental proposal of school sister Fan Zhibo, she has applied for the Shanghai Theater Academy, Department of performance, and she has been admitted, so crooked to play into the entertainment circle. From then on, she has determined to go along the road.

Ten years time, it is neither long nor short. However, if the name of the small Song Jia is mentioned, many people probably do not think of how a face it is, but blurt out: "The girl acting very well?" Her acting is really praised. Magnolia Award, Golden Eagle Award, Golden Rooster Award and many other awards have been obtained early. But Song Jia do not care about these, as she had never been concerned about those unfounded scandal, as obviously, she can also eat by the face, but she has done all the best to act the same. At this moment, Song Jia is pleased and strived to wait for her future years. Of course, the premise is that every moment, is her good times to wholeheartedly enjoy and struggle.

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