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Zhu Yin interprets the young elegant goddess in March Jewelry Journal of "Ruili Yiren Fashion"


The picture is a corner of "purple fairy" 

Zhu Yin has been regarded as the goddess of people by the fans

Uniquely, but the goddess in the heart of Zhu Yin is not so proud

The image beautiful enough to close, she always believes that beauty comes from life

The love to nature

The care to family

The friendship to friends. . .

A beautiful woman with fresh vitality

Only lets the "goddess" word to distribute the divine glory

Goddess is unattainable

also the longest persistent touched emotion

Down from the altar

Only the goddess can release the most beautiful gesture

Love and life

are the driving force behind the preservation of the goddess

The pictures and text above are from the "Ruili Yiren Fashion"

Zhu Yin wears c.comeliness Jewelry CHIC-Linglong series

CHIC • LINGLONG (Italian style)

Elf moving with the heart 

Different ,your casual

Quiet, smart, style ... always with the perfect interpretation

Self - deduction - the most popular 


Pure natural mother pearl inlaid with 18K gold

Made artificially in Vicenza, Italy

Not luxury and eye-catching

But also add a luster for the natural day

The most beautiful light

is warm but not the eye-catching beam