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Qiwei wearing C Comeliness jewelry in February Journal of Fashion COSMO



From being sweet when she appeared in My Show to being mature and charming when she appeared again and had a one-year daughter.

Have come out for 10 years, 

Qiwei becomes more beautiful and delicate.

Let people admire more is the fairytale love story of Qiwei and Korean Nathan Scott Lee.

Now they have daughter LUCKY.Nothing is so perfect. The longest persistent accompanying. You are always here along the road.

The above pictures come from network. 

C.Comeliness jewelry/Culture Inheritance  

You are here along the way.  

Deer’s call and leisure feeling.

Modeling comes from the East wall of the tenth cave of Yungang Grottoes

C.Comeliness jewelry/marriage series 

The design of each style shows the hard-edge and fire of diamond to show your love undoubtedly.