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Appreciation of Jewelry Blockbuster Of Liu Tao of February Journal of Ray Li Fashion


Possess all due to be unhurried.

Unhurried lady is most attractive.

What is hard is that 

She has mature girlishness

And lovely femininity.

C.Comeliness Dancing Lion MEIMEI necklace/earrings item

Always be unhurried

Always be brave as he was.

Liu Tao

Have come out for 15 years.

She explains the accountability and aggressiveness 

Of superwoman 

C.Comeliness Knot Series earring/necklace/ring/bracelet

Silent sense of dimension and impartial brave heart

Hope that the people that love me can come on for me----Liu Tao

The above words and pictures are from Ray Li Fashion

C.Comeliness jewelry/Dancing Lion MEIMEII takes China classical Dancing Lion image as the blueprint of writing.

18K Gold inlaid diamond hand-drawing enamel technology 

Have great originality

Lively color brings forth fragrance.

C.Comeliness jewelry/knot series 

Take Knotted Hair as the design element of jewelry works

Express the traditional blessings of Forever Care.