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Luyi,Baolei,Beier wearing C Comeliness jewelry are on the Journal of January of Fashion COSMO.


In the past one year, undoubtedly the family of Luyi win all the popularity.Having super sweet painting technique and very beautiful face, they appear in the Reality TV show and admired by other people.

Hug is one most simple but the most warm action. The times with the family always is fine due to love and warm due to hug.

C.Comeliness jewelry Culture Inheritance Deer Necklace/Bracelet  Marriage series diamond ring/couple ring

C.Comeliness jewelry Culture Inheritance  Deer Necklace

C.Comeliness jewelry marriage series diamond ring/couple ring

All above texts and pictures are adopted from Fashion COSMO

C.Comeliness jewelry/culture inheritance
Have you all along the way

Modeling comes from 3000 years ago.It was collected by Marquis Mu of Jin

Deer’s call and leisure feeling.
Modeling comes from the East wall of the tenth cave of Yungang Grottoes